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13579 Lee Hill Road

Richmond, Missouri 64085

816 776 7082

Stuart E. Grafke - owner




This certifies that____________________has engaged one service to SKIP SUN TAN for the 2003 breeding season at $____________, for the Mare:______________YOB or registration #______________.


This service is engaged subject to the following:


  1. A booking fee of ___________is due with the return of this contract.
  2. The breeding fee of ___________is payable at 30 days from last breeding, unless the mare is certified not in foal.
  3. A copy of the mares registration paper (both sides) must accompany this contract.
  4. Stallion Owner will not be responsible for accidents, sickness, injury or death of the mare and/or foal.  Mare Owner, likewise, will not be responsible for any accident, sickness, injury or death of the Stallion.  Stallion Owner will exercise his judgment in the care and supervision of the mare and/or foal and will have the authority (at mare owners expense) to have a veterinary check the mare and/or foal and perform such services as deemed necessary.
  5. Stallion Owner agrees to diligently try to settle mare though July 4, 2002, if mare does not settle, Mare Owner will hold Stallion Owner blameless.
  6. A live foal is guaranteed from this mating.  Should the foal, of the above mating, not stand and nurse, Mare Owner will be entitled to return this mare at no charge, except board and expenses.
  7. A Breeders Certificate will be issued only upon verification of a live foal and all obligations of Mare Owner to Stallion Owner have been paid in full.


Booking Fee:  $50.00

Chute Fee:      $15.00 (haul in only)


  Pasture/ Paddock hay only

                                $3.00   per day (dry)  $5.00 (wet)

                  Pasture/Paddock with hay and grain

                                $5.00   per day (dry)   $7.50 (wet)



Stallion Owner:_________________________________




Mare Owner:___________________________________



 Date: _______________________


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